Friday, June 5, 2009

Teacher Gift

I made this gift for my daughter's first grade teacher. I've seen plenty of these coaster cubes and considering I have HUNDREDS of coasters...I took a stab at it. I used the CTMH Silhouette paper pack again. Our school Colors are red, black, & white.



I found these post it notes at a dollar store. I love how well they match!!

This photo holder is made out of a plastic tag. You can just slip the photo in from the top. For now a gift card takes place of a photo. Too bad they only had bday gift cards left in stock...oops!

I covered this side with a little cork board that It painted white. I took these Imaginesence brads and ripped the pokey part off, then glued basic push pins to the back with E6000.

This is a CTMH "Big" flower with some cardstock and an Imaginesence brad in the middle.


Pens filled with paper. Unfortunately, I only had two (thought I had more) and the store was out. Luckily, I found those black and white pencils for a buck!



I also gave her some cards. 5 of each.

I had fun doing this project. It was really simple and not TOO time consuming!!
Now on to the next project........see you soon!


Carli said...

That is awesome! I seriously don't know how that didn't take "too" much time. I think it would've taken me DAYS! You're so crafty! lol

scrappingwest said...

This is a supper cute idea! I am a teacher myself and I always do something for my co-teachers at the beginning of the year. I think you just gave my my project idea! to find the coasters. Do you think that cutting chipboard would be sturdy enough?

P.S. I just found your blog and think I'll be back many times!! Thanks for the inspiration!

allie b dallie said...

So sorry It took me so long to get back with you. For some reason, I just got the email that you left a comment today!!
You can usually find coasters on ebay. I have a TON if you're interested!
Chipboard would probably work as long as it is thick enough. You need it to be fairly sturdy.
I'm so glad you found my blog! Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great day!!

allie b


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