Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Boy Diaper Cake

  I thought I'd share a diaper cake with you that I made last month.   My cousin's wife commissioned me to make it for her sister-in-law because she liked the one I made for her (HERE) baby shower so much.  She told me the baby shower theme and I took it from there.  This is what I came up with.
I used my Cricut to cut out the animals on top.  Used some receiving blankets that were on their registry to wrap around the diapers and added some ribbon and chipboard letters (baby) for pizzaz.
I shipped it to her in peices and she stacked it together at the shower. 
Beware:  the picture was taken from my cousin's cell phone. It may not be the best quality. I'll upload some better pictures if I come accross some!
Enjoy :)

Now go make one!!
allie B

Sunday, April 24, 2011

allie B dallie is on Facebook!

   Wow, the last couple of weeks have been great since I started blogging again after my post-surgical sabbatical!!  I have gained even more readers and am so excited! :) We made it over 150 followers, plus I gained a lot more who follow via RSS feed, email, etc. I am so happy that you are enjoying my work!!
   Also, in the last few weeks I have been featured on THREE blogs!  Sugar Bee Crafts, My Backyard Eden, and Just So Sassy!!. I am so grateful to these women!:) Thank you so much!!  Click on their buttons below and check out their awesome blogs!!

   Also, I wanted to let you know that allie B dallie is now on Facebook!  Please click the "like" button on the upper left corner of the page.  It would be awesome if you "liked" me, because right now....I'm looking like a bit of a loser with only one like!!  LOL! 

Bloggers:  if you have any Facebook fan page advice, I'd love to hear it! THANKS!!

Psst.....don't forget I'm on Twitter too!!  Look me up} allieBdallie
  Thank you all so much for checking out my site and for all of your great comments!  I love reading them! I am excited to continue this journey and hope that I will continue to inspire you!  I have A LOT planned!  So, stay tuned...tell your friends...and enjoy the ride! :)

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Rag Wreath

   I'm sprucing up the house for spring, so I decided to make a wreath that incorporated some spring-ish colors but was not too girly for my hubby to look at.
  I ripped (about) 1 1/2 x 8 inch pieces of unbleached muslin and simply tied them with an overhand knot onto a wire wreath frame.  I made sure to bunch it really close together so that it looked fluffy and the green from the wire didn't show through.
  After the wreath was all set, I made three ribbon roses of various sizes.  I then attatched the roses to the wreath using saftey pins so that I can switch it up in the future if I want to. 
I made the wreath while watching the Nate Burkus (love him) show.  So, it took about an hour to rip and tie the fabric onto the wreath.  The roses took about another 20 min. to make and secure them to the wreath. 

  This is a very cheap and easy project.  I already had everything on hand, but I'm guessing it cost about $5.00 in materials.  Muslin is cheap and I LOVE the way it looks.  A yard costs around $3.00 or less and I probably used about half of a yard for this project.  The ribbon was free to me and leftover from another project for which I was comissioned.  I love how the roses add that spring color without making it look so pastel and pukey!  I'm sure my husband appreciates it too! :)

Now go make one!!!
allie B
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Altered Easter Eggs

  Hello!  Just a quick little upload of some eggs I altered the other day.  I plan on adding these to my Easter decor (no, I still haven't decorated yet! LOL) I 'rustically' covered some plastic eggs with gold and silver leaf.  I'm practicing a bit for an upcoming project where I will be covering our bedside lamps with some silver leaf.  This stuff is CRAZY to work with!!

  I also covered some eggs with some vintage-looking paper from my scrapbooking stash (I think it is K&Co).  The paper was almost too high quality and thick.  The Mod Podge made it a little more malleable, but not much.  I didn't exactly get the look I was going for.  But, it's good enough for who it's for ;)

  Finally, I covered some MORE eggs with some white(ish) buttons that I had leftover from a project I did for Christmas.  Maybe I'll show it to you someday!  I only burnt myself three times with the hot glue gun!!  I plan on removing all of the glue boogers before I display these at home....they are EVERYWHERE!
 Thanks for looking!  Now, go alter some eggs!!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PB Teen Peace Wall Light Knock-Off

  I don't know about you, but I often see home decor that I KNOW I can make myself for a fraction of what it costs to buy in the store.  In fact, it is always my goal to keep the costs down.
A few months ago, my oldest daughter was looking through the PB Teen catalog with me and saw THIS light
Photo from PB Teen
She has been totally obsessed with peace signs lately.  She wanted one so badly for her new room.  So, I told her I'd make her one, because I sure as H..E..double hockey sticks wasn't going to buy one for a cool $149.00!!
  It cost me about $6.00 dollars to make because I had most of the 'ingredients' to make one.  It would probably cost about $10.00-$15.00 from scratch.
  I simply took a decorator table top (like the one below) that I had from my college days and cut out the peace sign openings with a jig saw.  I knew someday I was going to use that table top for something creative!  Being a pack rat pays off sometimes!! :)

  After I cut out the image, I sanded it down with a little sandpaper.  I then primed and painted it.  For an added bonus, I used chalkboard paint.  I thought that would be fun for her and her friends!  After the paint was dry, I flipped it over and added a picture hook for hanging and some battery operated LED Christmas lights.  You could very easily use a lamp kit with a small night light type bulb or plug-in Christmas lights.  I prefer this way because I'm not a fan of exposed cords, plus I was planning to hang it above my daughter's bed and felt like it could be a hazard.  I'm paranoid like that!  I let me daughter pick out the lights.  She went for the multi- color lights.  I, of course, would've used white lights.  She's 8, so I totally get her decision! :)
This was a really cheap and easy project! 

Here is the breakdown:
Table top: FREE
Paint: about $1.00
LED lights: $4.99
Labor: FREE :)
Total savings compared to PB teen: about $143.00
It is a little smaller than the PB model, but big enough for us!Enjoy!!

Thanks to my little sweetie for writing peace, love, craft!!
allie B


Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm still here!

  I would like to thank you all for your patience.  My ankle surgery was way rougher on me than I had imagined it would be.  I was unable to drive for 3 months, I couldn't walk for about the same time, I couldn't sit at a table to craft either.  I know....GASP!!  All of this, PLUS, trying my best to take care of 3 kids, one of whom can't walk either!!
  I did manage to get a few projects done between physical therapy, my doctor visits, my son's doc visits, and my son's surgery. FEW!!
  I'm going to show a shirt I did for my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday (insert a few tears and sniffles) I used the same technique cutting the fabric with the Cricut as I did HERE.
  This picture is from our failed photo shoot.  She was NOT in the mood to get here picture taken.  The majority of pictures are of her crying.  My favorite ones are where she is pushing my oldest daughter's face away because she is trying to kiss her! LOL!!  The picture quality isn't as good as a would like.  Apparently someone with small fingers was messing with the settings on my camera.
   I have another project that I'll be showing you this week.  It is a Pottery Barn Teen knock-off ...so stay tuned.....
     Without further ado, the shirt......



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